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Lucky Town (Lucky Town) is committed to creating a comfortable game platform, but also does not forget to spend a lot of money to build a first-class VIP place in the industry. We have always pursued, the honored as the guest, the honorable

With the continuous growth of players’ activity on the Lucky Town entertainment platform, we provide players with more attentive care and higher-quality activities. A new reward system for Lucky Town players has been launched. New and old players can also enjoy more event bonus offers;

Lucky Town VIP Rewards Terms and Conditions

Application conditions: To apply for the 16th reward – from the 1st to the 15th of the month, you must recharge at least 3 times, and a single transaction exceeds 5000.

To apply for the 1st reward – from the 16th to the 30th/31st of the previous month, you must recharge at least 3 times, and a single transaction exceeds 5000.

3. If the player has participated in other LuckyTown promotions, the effective amount required for the promotion is not included in the effective amount for membership growth.

4. This activity is shared with the daily rebate activity.

5. After the player upgrades in the current month, they can enjoy the upgrade bonus of the upgraded level

(Example: Player XXX is upgraded to VIP2 player from VIP1 player in early October, and player XXX can enjoy 1880 baht upgrade bonus for VIP2 player in early October).

6. The birthday bonus can be applied through customer service by providing the relevant information of the member account and scanning the front photo of the ID card on the birthday.

7. The customer service manager is at your service 24 hours a day.

8. If it is found that members abuse our VIP terms and maliciously use abnormal means to obtain benefits, we reserve the right to withdraw VIP privileges.

9. Once the company’s risk control department detects that the member is an arbitrage player, it will give ten times the effective running water withdrawal and refund the principal.

10. By participating in this activity, you agree to the Rules and Regulations. LuckyTown reserves the right to modify, stop and final interpretation of the activity.

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